• Race Day: Saturday, June 10, 2017
A Denver 5K Run/Walk to Support the Selian Lutheran Hospital in Tanzania



About Selian Lutheran Hospital

Selian Hospital is nestled in the hills in the northeastern part of Tanzania. Selian Hospital was established in the 1950s and has grown from a small dispensary into a 120-bed, full-service hospital serving Arusha and the large surrounding rural area. In addition to the main Hospital, the Selian organization has grown to include Arusha Lutheran Medical Center, Selian Hospice and Plaster House.

The hospital provides life-saving services that are desperately needed in this area of the world, including treatment of malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS. Selian also offers in-patient and outpatient services, pediatrics, general and specialty surgery, obstetrics, maternal and child health, hospice and orphan care.

Many rural children are crippled and have no access to corrective surgery or rehabilitative care. Some are born with congenital deformities and many more become crippled through drinking from wells with excessively high natural fluoride content. This fluoride can soften developing bones which deforms children’s legs so that they are unable to walk and suffer severe pain. As many as 20% of the children are affected. Selian surgeons operate on approximately 300 of these children annually. Children come into the hospital unable to walk and then walk out under their own power and grow into productive family and community members.


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